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Johanna Noack was born in Hamburg, Germany. She is an illustrator and graphic designer.

Since when and why do you draw?
Well, like most children I somehow started to draw one day because it made good birthday and christmas presents for the family. But I don’t know if drawing is really the right word for what I’m doing today. At least my drawing teacher, many years ago, was very relieved when I told him I was not an illustration student but in the graphic design department, where people obviously weren’t expected to draw that well. Anyways, I don’t see my pictures as drawings either, things fall into pieces: primary forms and colors. Maybe you could say it’s chosing and arranging certain objects into compositions and rebuild them to short stories. I like stories that have something unexpected, when it is not too predictable at the first sight, but clear in the appearance. So I guess I’m less a drawer or a painter but a picture builder and story teller. And that is actually something I always liked to do.

What, in your work, are you the proudest of?
That I can do it. And that I can do it by my self, independently. That I can turn something that is inside of me to the outside and make it a thing, that stays for itself.

Which piece of art would you have liked to be the creator of?
Sigmar PolkeHöhere Wesen befahlen: Rechte obere Ecke schwarz malen! I have a version of it hanging in my living room since many years and I would love to claim that it’s my ingenious work but unfortunately it’s not and quite famous.

Is your appartment as colorful as your drawings ?
Someone just said my apartment looks as if I would live in my own painting, but of course it’s real life and real life is always chaotic and random and not at all as precise and clear as a picture can be. But for the colors I would say yes, there are about 5 to 7 colors that I always pick, weather I make a picture or buy pillows for my sofa. In this case I’m consequent or maybe you could also say quite predictable.

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